True Fire Review Template

Want to review True Fire but don’t know where to start? Here’s a handy template! Remember to delete where applicable.

True Fire is [an exciting adventure/a book/God’s method of punishing me] with jokes that made me [laugh out loud/smile on one occasion/retch] and a story that made me think of [friends and traitors, politics and religion, and the intrusion of science into the medieval word/nothing much for a pleasant few hours/the benefits of self harm]. I found the twists and turns in the plot [mind-blowing/happened/obvious from Saturn] and at one point actually [gasped/cared/tore out pages screaming why are you doing this to me?]. The author’s use of the comedic rule-of-three and meta-jokes was [wittily sophisticated/humdrum/violence-inducing]. Overall I [would recommend to all my friends/would not dissuade anyone from reading/am going on a strict diet to get back the hours wasted on this book].

I award it [5/5/5] stars.


About garypmeehan

Programmer and writer. The first book of my YA fantasy trilogy, TRUE FIRE, is due out from Quercus this May
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