What Your Favourite True Fire Character Says About You

Megan: You know what you want and you’re not going to let anything stop you: distance, armies, rationality…

Eleanor: You might be pass the first flush of youth, but you still like to party. On your own if necessary. No one disses your friends: that’s your job.

Damon: You’ve seen many things in your short life, usually from over your shoulder as you’re running away. You may have hidden depths but, if so, you’re hiding them from everybody. Including yourself.

Silas: You’ve been cleaning up — unappreciated — after other people for years, but you secretly love it. You only share your booze on special occasions.

Father Galan: You have the satisfaction of knowing God is on your side and, if He fails, an army battalion. You like the good things in life — at least three times a day.

Lynette: You prefer to be left alone but when called upon you’ll do the right thing. The absolute minimum right thing, but it’s the reluctant thought that counts, eh?

Captain Landon: You refuse to take part in quizzes unless paid.

Gwyneth: Oh dear.

Any Other Character: You are often forgotten. Even by your creator.


About garypmeehan

Programmer and writer. The first book of my YA fantasy trilogy, TRUE FIRE, is due out from Quercus this May
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