True Power

True Power Cover

The War

After battling their way across Werlavia, Megan and her friends have found safety in the mountain city of Hil. But the army of the True are waiting.

The Threat

Megan knows they can’t ignore the witch menace for long. Empowered by their guns and their allies, they are coming for her, for her daughter, for their world.

The Power.

Megan is no longer an ordinary mill girl. Mother, Apostate, Countess: it is up to Megan to protect the people of the Realm. But she will have to risk everything she loves to do so.

Publisher: Quercus (UK and US), Heyne (Germany), Ediciones B México (Latin America)

Length: 439 pages (90,000 words)

Release Date: April 2nd 2015 (UK), TBC (Rest of the World)

Buy in the UK from: Quercus, Amazon, Waterstone’s and lots of other sellers who I can’t be bother to look up.


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